June 24, 2020

Video message from Minister of Education to graduating students

​For the last few months, students have taken extraordinary steps and shown great flexibility to continue their learning journey. Their accomplishments, especially in these unprecedented circumstances, are a testament to the importance of education and its impact on their future success.

Although graduations will look a little different this year, it is important to recognize and celebrate these milestones for those graduating from Kindergarten, Grade 8 and Grade 12 as they start a new chapter in their lives. Minister of Education Stephen Lecce has asked us to share the following video messages with families and students.

Families, please share these with Kindergarten, Grade 8 and Grade 12 graduating students.

Kindergarten graduates: www.facebook.com/OntarioEducation/videos/308146146885546/

Grade 8 graduates: www.facebook.com/OntarioEducation/videos/417781892512179/

Grade 12 graduates: www.facebook.com/OntarioEducation/videos/959231917882486/

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