April 22, 2020

Statement from Chair and Vice-Chair regarding progress on Ministry of Education directives

On March 24, 2020, the Board of Trustees held a Supplementary Meeting of the Board to take immediate action on the Minister of Education’s 27 directives to the Peel District School Board. At that meeting, the Board of Trustees committed to the completion of each of the 27 directives’ deliverables and timelines.

Since then, the Board and senior leadership have taken further action to respond to and address the directives, and completed 10 elements of the directives. Our progress to date can be found on the board’s website​. So, when we read a tweet from the Minister of Education earlier today, we were left confused and disheartened, and needing to seek urgent clarification.

In the tweet, the Minister of Education indicated that our Board’s inaction will not be tolerated. This has left Trustees, staff and members of the community feeling demoralized. We are left to wonder what the tweet means, as we have clearly followed the directives and met every deadline to date, including the commitment on March 24, 2020, from all Trustees to participate in the mediation. And all of this is happening in the midst of the extraordinary efforts staff are undertaking to support students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have heard from many members of the community and staff who are ready to help us continue to move forward with this very important work. They are relying on us to take the Ministry of Education’s report and the Minister’s directives very seriously, and we are doing just that. We want everyone to be assured that we will take all necessary action to improve board governance and leadership practices, and work towards eliminating anti-Black racism and system discrimination to improve student and staff outcomes.

As self-governing, elected officials, we must follow policies and procedures to carry out our governance duties, and when we don’t, we must be held accountable. We remain committed to following through on each of the directives set out for us with the support of the Ministry of Education.

Chair Brad MacDonald and Vice-Chair David Green

Peel District School Board ​

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