April 3, 2020

Peel District School Board virtual public board meetings during COVID-19 shutdown​

This process presumes that Trustees and staff have physical access to Board Meeting space. Changes will need to be made if this access is removed. 

Due to the government's state of emergency declaration and to help contain the spread of novel coronavirus, for everyone's safety, all public meetings of the Peel District School Board will be held virtually and live-streamed online until further notice. Members of the public can continue to participate in public meetings by watching the live-stream, and may make delegation presentations and/or ask public questions electronically. This process applies to the following board meetings: Regular Meetings of the Board, Instructional Programs/Curriculum Committee, Physical Planning & Building Committee and Special Education Advisory Committee.

Electronic delegation requests

Individuals or groups requesting to make a delegation to the Peel board are required to submit a completed Request to Delegate Registration Form AND electronic delegation file to the Director's Office via email at [email protected] at least five (5) business days before the date of the meeting, in order for the request to be considered. The Director's Office will contact you to confirm your delegation and the length of time of your delegation, which is typically up to a 10-minute maximum. As per board by-laws, if there is more than one delegation on the same topic, those delegations will be reduced to 5 minutes each.

An electronic delegation file must be provided through one of the methods listed below. Video and audio files must be provided to the board through a downloadable link using online file transfer services, such as DropboxGoogle DriveMicrosoft OneDrive or WeTransfer.
  • video that will be shown during the live-stream (.mov or .mp4 format)
  • audio file that will be played during the live-stream (.mp3 format)
  • PowerPoint presentation that will be shown during the virtual meeting (.ppt/.pptx format)
  • text document that will be read aloud during the virtual meeting (email, .doc/.docx or .pdf format)
Please review Peel board By-laws G-1 through G-9 prior to submitting a request to delegate. These By-laws provide an overview of the board's delegation process.

Electronic public questions

Members of the public who wish to ask the board of trustees a public question during a virtual public meeting can email their full name and one (1) question to [email protected] anytime from the start of the meeting up to the end of the Public Question Period for the meeting. The question will be read aloud during Public Question Period of the virtual board meeting and a response will be provided. The Chair may also designate a member of staff or Trustee to respond. Per Peel board By-law G-10, the duration of Public Question Period will be limited, in total, to a maximum of 15 minutes, unless extended at the discretion of the Chair. If an immediate response is not given, or the board is unable to respond to all of the public questions received during the meeting within the 15-minute period, a response will be provided through email.

Questions submitted outside of the designated time (start of public meeting to end of question period of the meeting) will not receive a response. If you would like your question to be answered during a virtual public board meeting, it must be submitted during the designated time of a future meeting (start of a meeting up to the end of the Public Question Period). If a parent/guardian or community member has a concern about a school matter, they can always reach out to the appropriate board contact as outlined in the board's Public Concerns Process.  

Questions raised during Public Question Period are expected to be issue-based and respectful. Due to privacy legislation, questions that identify personal information of students, families or staff are not permitted.  Members of the public speaking during Public Question Period must comply with the board's Safe and Accepting Schools Policy #48.
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