December 14, 2019

Message from Director of Education Peter Joshua to staff re Ministry of Education’s review of the Peel District School Board

*This message has also been emailed to all Peel District School Board staff members.

We have heard concerns that staff are being discouraged from participating in the Ministry of Education's review of the Peel District School Board. I want to confirm, unequivocally, that participation should not be discouraged. In fact, we have been encouraging all members of the Peel community, including staff members, to participate and using our intranet, board website and social media channels to do this. 

Whatever input you wish to share—good, bad or indifferent—as it relates to the scope of the interview, is welcome and entirely up to you. The mandate of the reviewers is to provide observations and recommendations to the Minister of Education and the Board related to the performance of the Board inappropriately dealing with issues that have arisen, including, but not limited to:
  • issues of human rights, equity, and racism, specifically anti-Black racism 
  • human resources practices
  • leadership and issues of governance
  • trustee conduct
You can email your request to be interviewed by the Ministry reviewers or send a written submission to them at [email protected]. Visit our website to learn more about the review and to review the Ministry's confidentiality statement.

We have also been hearing that some staff have been told not to share their thoughts on anti-Black racism on social media and that the senior leadership team has requested that concerning posts be sent to them for review and action. This direction was not provided by me or anyone on the senior leadership team. We wholeheartedly support any staff members who wish to take a stand against systemic discrimination, including anti-Black racism inside or outside of the Peel District School Board. 

I hope this clarifies our position on these very important matters. We want you to feel safe and supported in your participation in the Ministry review, and in standing against anti-Black racism. My apologies for any communication that you may have received that caused confusion or mistrust.

Thank you,

Peter Joshua
Director of Education

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