November 4, 2019

Use of personal devices in Peel District School Board schools

Today, Nov. 4, 2019, the Ministry of Education introduced a restriction on the use of personal mobile devices, such as cellphones, in the classroom. It's being referred to as a "cellphone ban" in the media, however, the ministry's direction does allow personal devices to be used for instructional purposes, as directed by an educator. Exceptions are also made if cellphones are required for health or medical purposes, to support special education needs. This direction aligns with the Peel District School Board's current practice and, as such, there is no​ change to the use of technology in Peel schools.​

In honouring the spirit of Empowering Modern Learners, we would encourage staff, students and families to understand the value of technology in today's world and the role it plays in the sharing of information. In many instances, phones are used to organize calendars, set reminders, discuss assignments, etc.; they are a part of our world in 2019. 

The use of technology is outlined in the Peel board's Digital Citizenship Policy and in its K-12 Code of Conduct
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If you have any questions about the use of cellphones in classrooms as teaching and learning tools, under the direction of the educator, please contact a school administrator.​
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