November 15, 2018

#chooseACTION on Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, Nov. 18 to 24

The Peel District School Board will recognize Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week during the week of Nov. 18 to 24, 2018.

Bullying is a relationship problem with relationship solutions. This year, to maintain and build healthy relationships in the Peel board, we ask our Peel community to '#chooseACTION to be an Ally' in their classes, offices, schools, or communities, in order to make these spaces better places for everyone. Establishing and maintaining a positive climate for learning and working requires all of us to actively intervene on assumptions, stereotyping, bias, discrimination and hate. We must proactively be inclusive, accept others and value difference.

During this week, we will highlight the importance of allyship for ourselves and others through the following qualities and characteristics:

  • An ally will choose to stand up for what is right - even when it's hard. 
  • An ally will change the world - for marginalized communities.
  • An ally will stand - beside, in front, or behind someone to support them.
  • An ally will commit to un-learning - a history that is incomplete.
  • An ally will actively learn - about people who are different from them.
  • An ally will challenge stereotypes - to prevent discrimination and injustice.
  • An ally will refuse to stay silent - and use their voice to help others.
  • An ally will use their power and privilege - to help others feel included.
WATCH our 2018 Choose Action video.

The Peel Board would like to hear about the big and small actions, pledges, promises and the attitudes that our Peel community value, and ask that you take a moment to share your #chooseACTION​ to be an Ally moments on social media.

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week is one of the key items contained in Bill 13: The Accepting Schools Act, that came into effect on Sept. 1, 2012. For more information, visit or

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