November 17, 2016

Peel board empowers modern learners in new vision for 21st century teaching and learning

​​We live in a world of constant change. Technological innovations have created a world that is ever-connected and rapidly evolving, bringing new opportunities for employment, civic engagement and learning, locally and globally. In the same spirit of innovation, the Peel District School Board has revisited its Vision for 21st Century Teaching and Learning and updated it to more clearly reflect its collective commitment to develop active and critically engaged citizens.

"The ideas presented in the board's new vision, Empowering Modern Learners, are not new. They are, however, more essential now than ever," says Tony Pontes, director of education. "Moving forward, our work will be guided by the belief statements found in the document and inspired by the six innovative elements that we are committed to unpacking, discussing and implementing as a learning community in the months ahead."

The Peel board's coordinating principal of modern learning will help guide the implementation of the new vision for modern learning. Lawrence DeMaeyer assumes the role on Jan. 9, 2017. He will be responsible for, among other duties:

  • implementing the new vision: Empowering Modern Learners
  • coordinating professional learning and training that aligns with Ministry of Education and district priorities
  • championing e-learning
  • supporting principals and vice-principals with technology and data-related matters
  • supporting protocols and practices to ensure that all data is clean, accurate, accessible, secure and available for integration
  • advising Learning Technology Support Services regarding the appropriateness of software and hardware solutions​

Resources and training to flow out of implementation once the board's new coordinating principal of modern learning is in his role. Notes Pontes, "With a focus on both the tech and the teach, we are committed to inspiring student success through the implementation of innovative instructional and assessment practices, reliable technology and strong technical support, and equity of access for all. With the support of staff, parents and students, we know our journey to inspire, innovate and ignite will be successful in empowering modern learners."

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