December 18, 2012

Chair issues statement regarding one-day strike

As a board, we look forward to negotiating fair, local, affordable collective agreements. At this point trustees have no local control. No flexibility. No means to meet local priorities. The province took over provincial bargaining so, in my view, they’re the ones who need to ensure this disruption to public education comes to a swift conclusion.
Every day, we work hard to build confidence in public education, to build trust with our parents and students. This conflict and confusion seriously undermines this work. I hope that this is important enough to the province and teachers’ unions that they meet over the holiday break to  help us move forward with agreements that best meet the needs of our students.
As always, our focus remains the success of all students. We will continue to work to negotiate affordable agreements locally—that preserve student safety and ensure student progress. Let’s work together to end this divisive situation in our public schools. 

Janet McDougald
Chair of the Board
Peel District School Board
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