May 25, 2015

Ontario to table back-to-work legislation for secondary teachers. Secondary schools remain closed to students until further notice.

​The Minister of Education announced today, May 25, 2015, that the government will be tabling back-to-work legislation in an effort to return secondary students to classrooms in Durham, Peel and Rainbow district school boards. This process may take a number of days and students will not return to school until further notice. 

At this point, we don't know when secondary students will be back in school in Peel, but we will inform students and families as soon as we know. We will have a comprehensive return-to-work plan in place to support students during the transition back to school that addresses final marks, missed work and more. When there is a return to school, it will be a gradual return to normal. 

The Peel District School Board is still waiting for a ruling on its application to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) to have the secondary teachers' strike in Peel ruled unlawful. We will also update students and families with the OLRB chair's decision when it's been made. We expect the ruling to be made by the middle of this week.​​
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