March 13, 2015

Peel board sends letter to families about updated health & physical education curriculum

The Ministry of Education recently released its revised health & physical education (HPE) curriculum, which all Ontario schools are required to implement beginning in September 2015. The Peel District School Board has communicated with its families to ensure they have the information they need to help them understand the changes and learn how the curriculum will be taught in the classroom.

“The Peel board has strongly supported the need for an updated curriculum. It’s important to note it’s not brand new, it has just been updated to reflect current issues that did not exist in 1998, like online behavior,” said Tony Pontes, director of education.  “I can assure families our teachers are committed to teaching the curriculum in a professional and sensitive manner—one that is developmentally and age-appropriate. Our staff are well-trained professionals who are already teaching human development and sexual health with great sensitivity to the subject matter and their students.”

The board encourages all families to read the ministry’s parent resource documents, which provide an overview of the curriculum by grade level, quick facts and tips for parents to support their child’s learning at home. The ministry resources and full curriculum documents can be accessed on their website at

The Peel board sent the letter to families the week of March 9 and has posted it on all school websites. The letter is available in the top languages spoken by Peel families:

Chinese Simplified / Traditional
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