May 14, 2019

Twenty years later, grad plans surprise #PeelinLove proposal to former grade 3 classmate

Twenty years later, grad plans surprise #PeelinLove proposal to former grade 3 classmate

Rewind back to 1996, when Rahul Parmar and Jasprit Pannag met in grade 3 at Hickory Wood Public School. They also happened to be neighbours who walked to and from school together, each and every day. Although they both attended the same schools including, Fletcher's Creek Senior Public School, Rahul and Jasprit didn't really become friends until grade 11 at Turner Fenton Secondary School.

"We've known each other for 20 years and what better place to start our journey together than where it first started," says Rahul.

Fast forward 20 years, Rahul never thought that he would be dating Jasprit for more than six years and returning to Hickory Wood to propose to his grade three classmate, in the same place where it all started.

 Yearbook photo of Jasprit and Rahul at Hickor Wood Public School.png

"It was so exciting to have Hickory Wood part of this special moment for Rahul and Jasprit. To see the sparkle in their eyes as they walked down memory lane at Hickory was so heartwarming! Congratulations to them both," says Della Lataille-Herdsman, principal of Hickory Wood Public School.

Here's how it went down behind the scenes:

Jasprit was contacted by the Peel board for what she thought was going to be a Peel grad feature on Share the Smile. Excited for the opportunity, Jasprit also suggested for Rahul to also be featured and asked if there's an opportunity for them to do the interview together. Little did she know that this was all a set-up and there was already a plan in place with Rahul.

As part of the "Peel grad feature", Jasprit was advised that the interview would take place in their old elementary school, Hickory Wood, to capture the essence of them returning to their childhood school and sharing advice with students. The planned schedule included doing an interview with the couple together and then "doing individual interviews in separate classrooms" – which again was all part of the set-up.​

And then they were engaged!

 Rahul and Jasprit at Hickory Wood Public School.jpg

Get to know the couple:


After graduating from Turner Fenton, Rahul pursued an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce at Ryerson University and later decided to pursue a career in policing. Jasprit attended McMaster University for Life Sciences and Nursing and recently, completed her masters thesis.

Today, Rahul is a constable with Peel Regional Police and Jasprit is a registered nurse with Trillum Health Partners.

"What I enjoy the most about being a police officer is being able to police the same community that I grew up in and give back to that community," shares Rahul.

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